Audi Sport Quatro S1 Replica Wishbones full set for B2 type uprights


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Audi Sport Quattro S1 replica wishbones / control arms for front and rear axle. With high attention to detail, this is the best and most precise replica wishbones available.
For quattro cars that need unchanged geometry in every road, gravel and track conditions as stock wishbones pressed and steel tend to bend if used in harsh conditions. Wishbones enable wide camber wheel adjustment for track use. It gives up to 25 mm more camber adjustment.
Additionally Audi Sport replica wishbones / control arms move the wheel to the front of the car giving more caster for better car handling. Aluminum pin is a perfect replica that contains all the elements of the original. They are suitable for rally stages and track use when standard wishbone gives up.
They provide greater strength that is required to withstand the much greater stresses and substantial geometry changes also become essential for effective use in your quattro. Tested on our race and rally cars.
What’s Included:
– two wishbones [ control arms ] (E355+N / St 52.4 steel) for front axle
– two wishbones [ control arms ] (E355+N / St 52.4 steel) for rear axle
– four aluminum (PA9 / 7075) ball joint carriers milled on CNC machine and anodized in silver
– four maintenance free sport Fluro bearings (22 mm hole)
– two steel pins (EU C45) to connect with OEM struts (for Audi Coupe Quattro 17 mm, for Ur-quattro 18mm)
– two steel mounts (EU C45) for rear OEM struts
– eight steel galvanized locking plates for securing aluminum ball joint carriers
– all necessary screws for mounting ball joint carriers and steel pins
– Can be used in conjunction with the standard front/rear sub-frame
– Made to work with OEM uprights (Quattro B2/B3, Ur-quattro – see drawing)
– Allows for massive camber adjustment (up to 25mm more versus OEM) and wider track
– Gives additional caster. Audi B2 OEM caster is 1,25 and with our wishbone it is 2.65
– Works fine with Audi Sport blade type anti roll bars
– Works with Audi Sport uprights (22 mm bolt)
– Prepared to work with additional trailing arm (both in front and rear)
– Possible to use with “turn stop” on Audi Sport uprights
– On the contact area between aluminum ball joint carrier and inside of the wishbone the area is knurled for better grip of the carrier
– To be used with 37mm diameter bushes for mounting the wishbone to the subframe
– Audi Coupe Quattro
– Audi Ur-quattro
Bending machine ­used and milling machine for pipe treatment. Pipes are milled, metal plate is stamped, ends of the pipe are pressed and flattened for fastening of bushes, plug and bends are cut out on the laser, bushes are turned and grinded, rocker arm is welded in welding tool, dimensional tolerances: +­ 0,03 mm, concentricity tolerance 0,01 mm, tolerances are checked on separate measurement device.
Knurling is made on the press by inserting the mass of material – 80 metric tons. MIG ­welding is used to connect all the pipes together to replicate Audi Sport manufacturing process. The wishbone is made of reinforced steel and powder painted in black color.

Notice: minor tools are required to install rear wishbones bolts. You need to have burner to heat the rear uprights for the bolt to be pushed inside. Instructions are provided to the customer on the installation of the kit.

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