Gearbox mounts for Audi B4 I5 (Street hardness)


SKU: ELA-002-75



Gearbox mounts for Audi S2/RS2 and other 5-cylinder 20V turbo engines Audi 81 85 89 B3 B4 80 90 20V Turbo Coupe quattro.

Unlike in mounts manufactured by other companies our mounts have aluminium parts are insulated from each other what makes the vibrations do not go out into the chassis dampening the vibrations in all directions.

What’s included (kit for one car):
– two gearbox mounts (left + right)
– set of screws

– 7075 aluminium anodized silver
– Red street hardness 75 ShA polyurethane
– set of 10.9 grade screws silver galvanized

Fits cars:
– Audi S2
– Audi RS2
– Audi B4 (80,90)
– Audi Coupe Quattro B2
– 100, 100 Avant with 5 cylinder engine
– 200, 200 Avant with 5 cylinder engine
– Audi B4 Cabrio with 5 cylinder engine

It is an upgrade to OEM 8A0399151D and 431399151D

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